Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peanut butter granola

On Friday morning, I made a fast and easy Peanut Butter Granola. I love granola, but ran out a few weeks ago. It's growing on me, but, as I left in a comment on the post, I think this recipe is way too sweet. It was fast and easy, but it's not our style of granola. I'll be making my recipe again soon. In the meantime, it's good with our relatively tart plain yogurt--no need to add honey to these parfaits.

Apple crisp

I made a triple batch of apple crisp on Sunday, which fit in two 9x13 pans. Unfortunately, I made a few mistakes. First, I didn't realize how long it would take to cut enough apples, and I ended up having to do three things at once instead of in a nice, gradual order so that I could just finish one item before I had to work on the next. Second, I didn't check the sugar stocks, and I had barely half the required sugar, and no more brown or white sugar was in the house. I had written it on the grocery list on the white board when we opened the last bag of each...but we forgot to actually look at that list lately. Third, I grabbed a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon, so instead of the "use a lot more than called for" cinnamon, I didn't even use enough for one recipe.

I really didn't want to take nearly an hour to go get sugar (in Oshkosh, it was a 15 minute total trip for a quick grocery run, here it's more like 45+), so baked it as-is. I had a lot of sour apples, so it's not the really sweet dessert it usually is. Plus there's almost no cinnamon taste. And I should have used the full amount of butter to partially make up for the lack of sugar, but I didn't think of that.

However, while it's not very sweet, it's actually still a good apple crisp. This is, I guess, one of those recipes that has a LOT of wiggle room! Which is good, as the second one if for a potluck tonight. I'm considering put a caramel topping on (leftover from the peanut rolls).

I used a typical crisp recipe, although I add in oats and wheatgerm to make it healthier. And, even healthier with the lack of sugar!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Haven't been baking much

I'm sorry I haven't posted, but I haven't been baking much other than bread. Last week, I spent 8 days with my parents. We didn't bake at all! Dad didn't even make any bread like he usually does, until the last day when he made Pyragas for breakfast on Sunday.

We did, however, process a lot of apples. Wish I'd thought to take some pictures, as I probably won't be doing any of my own this year. Some apple trees int heir neighborhood had lovely apples this year--and no one picked them. So Mom and her walking partners started picking up the drops and got permission to pick any they wanted from some of the trees.

I brought along my dehydrator, steam juicer, and some quart jars (Mom was running out) and we made applesauce, apple cider, dried apple slices, dried apple pieces (perfect for granola and trail mix), and apple fruit leather (when we got tired of canning applesauce). Some batches had cinnamon sticks put in with the apples in the juicer. Mom and I spent 1-2 hours three days chopping, coring, slicing, and dicing apples. It was a good time to chat, and one time Dad joined us and did a crossword puzzle with us. My hand got very sore from the knife, and I couldn't only do so much coring. I thought Mom's arthritis would do her in long before me but she never faltered. I hope this doesn't mean I have to start worrying about arthritis any time soon.

I usually buy dozens of pounds of apples each year and make cider and sauce, and dry apples, during January or February. I probably don't need to this year! I brought home 5 quarts of sauce, 2 quarts of cider*, and I don't know how much of the dried things. *After telling Eric he couldn't use so much cider last winter, we forgot about it and used almost no apple cider either hot in the winter nor cold in the summer. So we still have about a dozen quarts from last year. Ooops!

Good thing I forgot about going to the orchard previously...but I do still need to get some keepers. I like to eat an apple a day at work--and with Maggie needing a snack at school, apples are perfect. Eric also uses them in oatmeal. We did bring some back from my parents for the next weeks, but I doubt they are keepers. Also, some of them are far too sour for me (the sample was sweet, but the ones I've tried so far have been so tart and crisp I couldn't finish!).