Monday, November 1, 2010


Hmmm, I thought I posted last week but I guess not. Last Sunday, our 10 year old fridge died. Eric only discovered it because we got ice cream to eat during football. (A bribe to get Maggie interested in the game!) He got it out and it was softserve.

Thank goodness we keep lots of frozen water in 2 liters in the deep freeze. We used them all week. They didn't keep things at 34 degrees as recommended, but things were cold enough to not go bad. It took a couple days for bottles to thaw out, and some never did. I swapped some in and out each day. I'm so thankful for the deep freeze and these water bottles!

On Tuesday, the repairman came out. The problem is the compressor is dead. He said it costs so much to replace, he recommended getting a new fridge. So Eric was going to shop on Wednesday. Until we remembered we have another fridge in the laundry room. The house came with a fridge and stove, but we like ours better (larger!). We were going to sell or give them away, but with one thing and another, hadn't gotten around to it. (And the fridge made an ideal tool storage area.)

Took another day to get the fridge upstairs. Then Friday I started cleaning the shelves. And on Saturday morning, I discovered just how dirty it was. Maggie and I attacked what was left--the interior, the doors, and the door shelves. I thought we'd whip it all out in 15-20 minutes. But the doors had some bad spills. Took over an hour to scrub it down!

Before we transferred food, we plugged it in overnight to make sure it worked. It does! And so yesterday, we finally swapped fridges. The "new" one is smaller and has the freezer on the top. Not sure if we like it...time will tell. And we've saved over $1000 by using what we had already.

Now I'm afraid to give away the stove. Our stove is also 10 years old!

We're wondering if the compressor from the new fridge could be swapped into the old fridge. If so, we'd rather have the old one back as we liked the extra space.... And I like the bottom freezer (it's more energy efficient), even if the racks don't move smoothly and it is a pain to get anything out of it and Maggie can only read one shelf in the fridge (which might be a good thing with her bottomless pit).

All in all, I didn't make anything this week. And I won't this coming week either as I head out at 4am Wednesday to a conference. In Florida!!!

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