Friday, September 24, 2010

Been busy

I'm sorry I haven't written lately. At work, the new semester has begun, and I usually come home exhausted. Meanwhile, at home, in the last three weeks we bought two cases of peaches, one of pears, and half a one of plums. What a lot of fruit! We thought the peaches went bad about 10 days in; all three of us got peaches that were mealy near the core. So I started processed peaches. Oddly, I only found two more that were mealy. But also thankfully!

Last weekend, I started making jams and sauces with the pears and plums. Half a box of plums is a LOT of plums. The pears seemed to be doing fine, still looking beautiful back in the pantry. Until I discovered two days ago that despite their pretty exterior, they were going soft inside. So I had to find recipes NOW. So all weekend plus almost every evening, I've been at the stove.

Coming up, all the preserving I've been doing. Plus a few other things.

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