Monday, June 21, 2010

Bread and buns

Baked another loaf of bread this morning so that we can have sandwiches for lunch when my brother, aka Uncle Monkey as his niece calls him, visits. The plan is for sandwiches with fresh chevre from the local Creeping Thyme Farm with herbs, from the container garden on the deck and the itty bitty herb garden out the front door, and greens (lettuce, red lettuce, and spinach) from the Lakes Region Farmer's Market. Also made buns for bison burgers on the grill this evening.

Had some difficult with these as the dough was very stiff. They look a lot like hockey pucks, but they aren't as dense!

Made up a new batch of dough afterward, ABin5 master recipe, but with 2 cups of sourdough starter and 2 cups of brown rice flour. Except I lost count when putting in the flour, so wasn't sure if I was at 4 or 5. So I stopped, stirred a while, thought it was 4, but then put in too much additional flour and had to add some water. ::sigh:: It's a fairly forgiving dough, as I generally get similar results no matter what I do to the dough. Some loaves are denser, some are lighter (well, actually, that rarely happens to me), some I nearly burn, some aren't quite cooked in the middle.

To solve that problem, I need an instant read thermometer. The next kitchen gadget on the list!

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