Thursday, June 24, 2010

Orange Dream Cake

A few weeks ago, I made a fabulous orange bundt cake. I have kept the web page open on my iPhone ever since as I intended to write down the recipe. I haven't. But now I can "keep" it via the blog! I even have a picture:

When I posted this to FaceBook, W. said it looked Lovecraftian. Cool! (Although I've never, ever read his books.)

The basic recipe is for Orange Bundt Cake. I used a couple tablespoons of dried zest (mainly Clementine zest, which tastes just like orange zest as far as I can tell, and is easier to make as the skin is so thin you just peel the Clementine, cut it up, and dry it. Wait, the cutting isn't all that easy. But you don't need a microplane grater at least.) Since I eschew alcohol completely (except as vanilla extract), I made an icing of powdered sugar and orange juice with some more zest in it, too (note: as long as you put it on while the cake is still warm, it will get clearer when on the cake so don't thin too far). It was moist, orangey, and really, really good.

The day before I made this, I found a regular bundt pan at a garage sale. For some reason, I remember my Mom's quite fondly, and this one was just like it (white interior and orange exterior. Or was Mom's black inside?). I bought it. Then, a few streets over, I found this totally wild bundt pan, expensive at $5 (but I got a steal on something else there) and bought it, too. The primary problem with a pan like this is all the crooks and crannies. I used a pastry brush (silicone) to get shortening in everywhere. Despite my attention, when I floured the pan, you could see I'd missed places. I tried to fix it, but may have made it worse, so I quit while I was ahead. The cake came out easily, so I guess I did okay.

The recipe filled the pan, plus to 4" ramekins. Which we ate at home while I took this one in to work.

I need to buy more orange juice. I thought I made make this again this weekend, but then I ended up with all the banana ideas so I didn't. That OJ was gone quickly (got it with a free coupon) so I don't know when I'll have OJ around again. When I do, I will save 1 cup of juice right away!

Another note: If you have a 5 year old, don't leave this on a counter to cool. S/he might swipe all the frosting off the cake pan. At least she didn't touch the cake itself!

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