Friday, June 25, 2010

Pizza pockets

I've long thought of making calzones or pizza pockets. Picked up some pizza sauce with a coupon last weekend, so decided to make them today. I generally followed The Finer Things in Life's Pizza Pockets Recipe. I used my Artisan Bread in 5 dough, made on Monday with 2 cups of rice flour and sourdough starter. It's a very, very soft dough. Made a decent loaf of bread this morning, although it spread a bit and nearly burned. Did not work the best for pizza pockets, which require a good deal of dough handling. Especially a bad idea to make some in advance, let them rest on a Silpat *without cornmeal* and then have to scape them up to move them to the pan. Here's what that batch looked like in the pan:

I baked them for 30 minutes in the Sun Oven at 350. Here's what they looked like after:
The white squares are unmelted Manchego cheese (I also used Cabot's seriously sharp chedder, because these are the two cheeses we have); the red chunks on top are pepperoni so I didn't accidentally give them to Nutmeg who gets the plain cheese ones (below). You can see how thin the dough ended up, even though I tried to keep it decently thick. Here's what the first batch looked like. One 13x9 pan just fits in my sun oven, and 2 large or 4 small pockets fit. The first batch, I just put them in; the second batch I used some cornmeal. It was a little easier on the second batch, but the first wasn't difficult to get out.
There were 3, but Nutmeg and I shared one for a snack. I like the sauce! They don't brown much in the Sun Oven, but they are cooked. In 30 minutes, they were bubbling.

Edited to add: Maggie didn't eat them again, saying she didn't like them, but I greatly enjoyed them especially cold. Eric liked them, too. The crust totally didn't work and fell apart more when these were reheated. The pepperoni bits, by the way, did NOT stick to the crust. Will definitely make these again.

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