Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice Lunch

Had a lovely lunch yesterday on the Summer Solstice, including a childhood favorite in honor of the Sun:

My brother, Uncle Monkey (sometimes called Michael) remembers this as well, often served on holidays and Sundays. But as far as we know, it has no name. I need to come up with a cool name for it. It's a simple dish but absolutely delish. It's just sliced bananas with orange juice served in a pudding/custard/sundae dish. I haven't had it in ages as was delighted by the taste. (I rarely buy orange juice and until this weekend, ate a banana only a couple times a year. I try to eat fairly locally, and neither one is native to Maine or Wisconsin. But I oddly made three different banana dishes for yesterday!)

The main course was sandwiches with chevre, lettuce, and herbs from the garden (as I mentioned recently):
The bread choices were homemade bread and a multigrain and seed bread from the Franciscan Friar's Bakeshop, Bangor, Maine (they have no website, no surprise as they take cash only and appear to live a fairly simple life. And yes, the friars are really there. They have odd hours to accommodate their daily prayers. We also got "Sin"-amon rolls and whoopie pies.).

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